Your eToro portfolio is a work of art.

It’s time your factsheets are too.

Turn your eToro stats into a gorgeous, shareable infographics that’s bound to inform and impress. It’s all perfectly automated so you get to keep all the extra clicking for trading. You go work that chart, let us deal with the art.

Complex information, beautifuly simplified.

We’re building Copystats with only one thing in mind. Make your reporting life easier and help your copiers extract the most from your numbers so they can always be in the know.

Unique insights

Uncover key insights such as your annualised returns, use of leverage, your sector weighting or the current value of an initial investment in your portfolio. Now you even know where most of your copiers come from.

Things that make you, you!

We automatically pull in your eToro bio section and calculate your investment focus and your sector weight to help your audience understand your investment style.

Portfolio structure and performance

We know how hard you work to squeeze every single basis point of that alpha. That’s why your performance and portfolio structure are designed to pop and be easy to read.

Art belongs in a gallery, your factsheets on social media.

If a tree falls down in the forest, and there’s no one to see it, did it fall? While you ponder that one, here are a few more reasons why you will love Copystats.

Share the URL or download a PNG

You can share your factsheet either as a link or as an high-res image. Either way, it’s designed to play nice with every major social media - from Twitter, eToro or Facebook, to LinkedIn and Discord.

Always up to date

Depending on your subscription plan, your report can be updated daily so that whenever you sign-in, you always have the latest data waiting for you.

Make it yours

We know how essential branding is today. That’s why we’re working on bringing you customization tools so that you can tailor your infographics to your own needs and wants.

Ready to take it for a spin? It’s free.

As part of our beta soft launch, we’re offering Copystats for free until we get the details right.

App screenshot